Everyone has an energy field also known as the aura. Anything that has an atomic structure has an aura, which vibrates at different frequencies. The aura of the human being can extend to around 10feet, but it has been said that those who are very spiritual the aura can extend way beyond 10feet. Depending on what is going on in your life, the aura also has different shapes a healthy aura will be oval/egg shaped which reflects our well being, if our aura is healthy, we too will be healthy, but someone that works as a medical intuitive, will see an illness before it has manifest in the human body as they will see or feel the aura is not in balance and there is disturbance in the aura. The more vibrant the aura, the more the aura will extend, so the more vitalized you are the more energy you have. If the aura starts to become depleted, outside forces can attack which can come in form of psychic attack, spirit attachment and illness. Actual Aura reading

Our aura reflects us, healthy aura, healthy body. Once the aura has gone through the beginnings of depletion, from lifestyle or outside forces of any kinds of attack, illness starts to set in, anything can weaken the aura, surgery, illness, narcotic drugs, drugs taken for illness, life going wrong, continuous arguing, and playing with a ouiji board.

The more awareness we have about our energy field, and how easy for the aura to weaken the more we can take control of our life and our well being. To help maintain a healthy aura, we also need to learn the importance of protection and learn more about energies. Thoughts are energy, but thoughts can also become matter and reach others, which is also important for us to learn about the mind and our thoughts. The mind is the most powerful thing we have, yet we only use a small percentage and at the same time we also need to be careful with our thoughts and where we are directing them, after all, would you want to hurt someone with thought? And all that energy thought attach to the auric field and manipulate another? We as human beings should be much more aware and to realise what we give out, we get back 3 fold or 10 fold depending on what your beliefs are. We need to learn how we or our energies interact with each other, you need to learn the limits and strengths of your own energy field, and the most important to learn as said above about protection, as well as cleansing and grounding. In the near future I will be holding workshops on energy as well as other matter

Each aura is unique to oneself, each will vibrate at its own frequency, if ones is similar to another, you will find you connect if the frequency is a lot different you will find yourself not fitting in or you just cannot like that person for no reason at all, there is just no connection. There is that saying, like attracts like, but on that note I would like to add from my experience, that you can connect with people that are not on your wave length if the aura is depleted and you are not your usual self, out of balance, you energy will be depleted and lower so you may find yourself mixing with others that once would of avoided for good reason. Think of your aura as an antenna, if the antenna is a good one, it picks up a good signal, if the antenna is not a good model the signal it picks is distorted. If you are in an area of negative energy that is coming from people because of a situation, and at the time of going into the area you are feeling good, if you have no protection up against outside influences it will not take much for your own energy to be drained by others and then you feeling the same feelings as others in that situation.

The aura can be seen by clairvoyants, but anyone can train the eye to see an aura, you can also feel the aura with training. I felt the aura of someone, and it felt heavy, and dense and told this to my client and once they explained about what was going on in their life, what I felt in the aura made sense.

Here are some thoughts of when we experience the auric field of another.
On your first meeting you know that you will get on with someone, or you will not.
You take a like or dislike to another, yet will not understand why you do not like a person.
You can feel happy, visit a friend, relative, go to work, then suddenly feel so tired and drained.
Have you ever looked at a person and seen them as a colour, for example, you seem like a blue person to me?) blue meaning having a calming influence.
Have you ever felt someone staring at you, eyes in your back?
We all have positive and negative energies that we carry with us, have you felt really good, and energized with positive people, and low and down with negative people. Have you ever felt drawn to certain people, like attracts like?
Have you gone to visit a friend or relative, when the greet you, they show you a happy smiling face, yet when you walk into their home, something hits you, and it gives of a cold feeling?
Have you ever walked into a room, only to feel angry for no reason?
Have you ever been able to sense that something is not right with another, even though they may seem happy, yet later you find out they are unwell.

Lack of Exercise, drugs, alcohol, smoking, poor diet, lack of fresh air, no exercise, stress, depression and negative thought pattern. Sadly we all become the product from out past, be it childhood, things that happen while teenagers and how we go through life, and old habits die hard, for example, as a child we may have had a bad diet, and throughout our life we eat the same foods, can you imagine the damage we have done not only to our body but also the energy field? When the aura weakens, other than picking up on others negativity and in time becoming ill, the other side of the coin, is ‘allowing’ attachments, this can be negative energy, someone directing negative thought at you, known as psychic attack, spirit attachment and dark energies-entities. I myself have allowed over the years to have a damaged aura, where I had attachments, and I did end up ill, tired and weak. Only by realizing what was happening, and changing my thoughts and surrounding myself with protection that I understand the above. Protection is very important, and having also learned the hard way, when I get out of practice or forget, I can and do go down, tired, and have been know to have energy try to attach itself to me.

With practice, we can all train our eye to see the aura.

Learning to see the aura is no hard skill, but more practice, practice, practice, we all have the ability to see, we only need to train our eye, the hardest is to learn and know how to interpret the meanings of colour. There are two ways of seeing the aura, intuitively and objectively. It is finding out what is the best that works with or for you. If you work intuitively you will see with your minds eye, rather than with using your physical eyes. Its all about learning to relax and ‘see’. Learn about the meaning of colours in the aura, but in time you will also find by using your own ‘feelings’ that will give a far better reading.

Head. This is about our thoughts, beliefs-experiences, will show above our head, in the here and now.. it reflects your thoughts or what you are thinking/think or your beliefs or what you perceive to believe in the here and now, basically your state of mind.

Our right side colour’s are about our male - Yan-expression, it tells us about what energy is being expressed.. How often do you just know if a person is nice? This comes from our aura where we are projecting our qualities, which will be seen or sensed by others, it is what we are putting out to the world, we may even put out energy that is different to what we are because of our circumstances, but saying that, there are times when we do try and put on a brave face, yet we still sense something is ‘wrong’ with someone.

It is a good idea to help keep your aura looked after, and only you alone can take care of your aura, other than changes that you may need to make, it is good to make time for regular cleansing.All the above are examples of how each of our aura’s interact with each other. It is said that the human energy field will extend eight to ten feet around the body. The stronger your aura is, the less likely you are to be affect by outside force. The weaker the aura, this is when we can get tears, wholes and become ill.

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