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LABRADORITE – “ Aura Protection – Clarity – Direction. Labradorite helps keep the aura clear, balanced, protected and prevents loss of energy. Assists in relieving insecurities by giving the user a clearer insight to ones destiny and journey. Helps one listen to and act on their own intuition, thus giving strength, confidence and perseverance. Stimulates intuition & psychic gifts bringing messages from the unconscious mind. Banishes fears & insecurities. Instils faith & trust in the universe. Calms an over-active mind & relieves stress, anxiety, brain disorders and eye clarity problems. Balances hormones, treats colds & rheumatism. Imparts strength & perseverance in times of change.

LAPIS LAZULI - The Power Stone – Used throughout the ages of attaining enlightenment. Facilitates the opening of all chakras. The opener of many doors to self awareness, spiritual growth & psychic abilities. Brings creative expression, clarity and depth of thought. It is both a mental & spiritual cleanser. Balances the male & female energies. Activates the thyroid gland and eases tension & anxiety. Beneficial to the lungs, throat, cleansing organs & nervous system.

LEPIDOLITE - “The stone of transition”. Alleviates stress and tension in the physical environment relieving anger, internal self hatred, depression and despondency & addictive behaviour, creating calmness. Promotes smooth transition with change and recognising the energies of universal light, hope and acceptance. Used to locate energy blocks, thus aligning energies for creative communication, bringing forward self love, acceptance, openness and honesty.

LODESTONE (also know as MAGNETITE) - This stone is magnetic & can be used as

magnetic therapy working with the body’s own biomagnetic field & meridians & also aligning the chakras. Energises the physical body. Aids telepathy, meditation & visual-

isation. Attracts love, commitment and loyalty. Alleviates fear, anger, grief and overattachment & brings in positive qualities. Beneficial for asthma, circulatory system, skin & hair. Stimulates sluggish organs & sedates overactive ones. It is anti-inflammatory, healing muscle strains & cramps.

MALACHITE- This is the ‘stone of transformation’. Helps one to change and release old patterns. Increases courage and dissolves fear and anxiety. Enhances immune system and draws out pain. Care should be taken as it is toxic and should only be used in its polished form. Do not use as an elixir in water unless used in the indirect method by placing in a separate bowl ensuring the crystal does not enter the water. A stone of intense protection & excellent for absorbing negative energies from the atmosphere and the body. Placed on the third eye it enhances psychic vision. Clears away electromagnetic pollution when placed in the environment or near radiation of any kind.

MALACHITE WITH CHRYSOCOLLA - This combination stone has a very high healing vibration & symbolises wholeness & peace. Placed on an area of imbalance, it gently restores equilibrium. If one stone is placed on the third eye & another on the solar plexus, mind, body, & emotions are totally balanced. Activates visualisation & psychic vision & can assist in receiving insights from the subconscious or messages from the future. Treats lungs, liver, arthritis, asthma, vertigo, diabetes, PMS, & epilepsy.

MOLDAVITE – Said to have extraterrestrial origin, formed when a giant meteorite struck the earth. It is a form of Tektite and is now becoming extremely rare as source is used up & will soon become extinct. Enhances other crystals, taking them to their highest vibration. Brings you into communication with higher self & with extraterrestrials, Ascended Masters & cosmic messengers. This stone takes you into highest spiritual dimensions when placed on the crown chakra. & facilitates the ascension process. It needs to be grounded or else it can leave you ‘spaced out’. Has extremely high vibration, which opens, clears blockages from, & aligns the chakras. Place on third eye can enable you to go into the future or back into the past journeying to other lives if this is appropriate to your growth.

MOOKERITE- Moving forward, Acceptance. Helps us to deal with change. Unlocking of fear and allowing us to move forward with ease and joy. Helps us to respond, not to react. Assists in our creative forces, allowing us to flow freely with self expression. Ideal for sexual organs, digestive system, bones, blood and lower back.

MOONSTONE - The stone of New Beginnings. Emotional balancer. Promotes intuition & empathy. Said to enhance psychic abilities & to develop clairvoyance. Balances male-female energies. Provides deep emotional healing & heals disorders of the upper digestive tract that are related to emotional stress. Good for mood swings and the reproductive system. Good hormonal balancer and helps with fertility and PMS. Eliminates toxins & fluid retention. Good for skin, hair, eyes, liver & pancreas.

NEBULA STONE - A new rare crystal discovered, composing of four minerals. Nebula Stone is said to have unique metaphysical properties. It is known to blend the vibration of light carried in its Quartz component into the physical body, enlightening the cells and activating their consciousness. This raises overall conscious awareness, bringing remembrance of the soul’s spiritual roots; brings profound healing at the cellular level of being. Hold in the hands or place on the third eye.

OBSIDIAN - Letting Go. A protective stone & powerful healer. Ideal for those who need to let go of old ways & old loves. Helps to clear subconscious blocks, also to connect our mind & emotions. Helps to relieve anxiety, worry, negativity & fear. Stimulates the idea to see new horizons. In addition to these qualities, Green is beneficial for heart & gall bladders disorders.

ONYX – Strength – giving. Promotes vigor, steadfastness and stamina. It provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances & during time of enormous mental or physical stress. It can take you forward to view the future and, with its capacity to impart personal strength, facilities being master of one’s destiny. Useful for past life work and for healing old injuries & physical trauma that are affecting the present life. Useful for healing old grief & sorrows. Beneficial for teeth, bones, and the feet.

OPAL - Known as the ‘stone of happy dreams & changes’. Awakens both psychic & the mystical qualities. Helps one to under-stand the higher powers of intuition to enhance personal understanding. Used by Shamans & Native peoples to invoke visions.

Dendritic Opal promotes growth, both spiritually & physically. Treats the skeletal structure , veins & artery disorders.

Yellow Opal treats intestinal & stomach disorders & promotes confidence. Strengthens concentration & memory.

Pink Opal enhances cosmic consciousness & induces psychic & mystical visions. Enhancing self-worth, it helps you to understand your full potential. Opal brings lightness & spontaneity & is said to bring loyalty & faithfulness. Opal strengthens the will to live. Treats Parkinsons disease, infections & fevers & strengthens memory. Stimulates creativity & aids in expressing one’s true self. A stone of love & passion that intensifies emotional states & releases inhibitions.


Why a disclaimer?

Due to so many rules and regulations and for ones safety, there has been  changed in the UK for healers, mediums and tarot readers etc. We are now governed by EU unfair commercial practices which came into force in April 2008. The UK has implemented it by passing the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2007 which prohibits conduct which misleads the average consumer and thereby causes, or is likely to cause him to take a transactional decision he would not have taken otherwise. The intent to mislead does not have to be proven. .

Spiritual Walking disclaimer

All readings that I do are for entertainment purposes and no claim is made as to their accuracy. If you feel vulnerable, or extremely stressed and just cannot see a way out, please at this time do not request a reading, please wait until you feel stronger in yourself and life.

.Please note that we are not a marriage or relationship counselors, we do not solve problems but the Tarot will get you to look at yourself

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