Silver Birch has to be one of the most interesting reads I have encountered. I first read about Silver Birch back
in the early 80’s, books you picked up and did not want to put down until you had read them, a thirst for

For many years now, people have recognised that death is not the end of life, but a time that we shed our
physical body and return home, or to the spirit world, like walking from one room to another. Many believe
that loved ones can communicate with us from spirit through a medium, proving survival after death. Silver
Birch tells us about the life unseen, how we can become better human being by serving each other and more.
He has been an inspiration to many millions around the globe.

Who was Silver Birch ?

The guide Silver Birch was channelled through a medium called Maurice Barbanell, who passed away
17th July 1981 at the age of 79. Maurice Barnanell was the founder and editor of a weekly Spiritualist newspaper,
 which is still in circulation today. Barbanell devoted half a century of his life spreading spiritual knowledge in
the Psychic News.

Maurice Barnanell was born to Jewish Parents, in one or East London’s poor areas. His mother was devoutly
religious, but his father was an atheist, due to this difference Bananell heard many arguments between his
parents. For a time Bananell had the same outlook as his father, but later changed to agnosticism.

Later in life Barnanell was invited by a medium to join her at a sťance, but was not impressed with what he saw,
and even fell asleep on his second visit. What was strange with his ‘sleep’ and he himself thought he was asleep,
 in fact was in trance, having been seen by others on the circle and a Red Indian had spoken through him.

Through this trance, he was encouraged to start a paper for this guides teachings, which is how the Psychic
News came about. It was many years before Barbanell revealed to his readers who was channelling the wisdom,
as he did not want to be criticised for publishing his own mediumship

Barbanell held many home circles where his guide Silver Birch would speak. It was always recorded in shorthand.
Below books by Silver Birch

THE TEACHINGS FROM SILVER BIRCH SERIES Published by The Spiritual Truth Press,copyright of The Spiritual
Truth Foundation. All of Silver Birch's books make superb reading, providing inspiration, illumination and perhaps
 occasionally consolation. Over the years, the guide answered literally thousands of questions on almost every
subject imaginable. Below, are the Silver Birch titles that are are available. These can be read and enjoyed either
individually or as a complete set, one which makes a unique collection to refer to time and time again.

Teachings of Silver Birch. Edited by A. W. Austen. First published in 1938, this classic Silver Birch title has so
far run to seven impressions. It contains a fascinating foreword by famous journalist Hannen Swaffer, after whom
the Silver Birch circle was named.. Silver Birch tells his own story and, as usal, answers countless questions,
including life in the spirit realms.

Guidance from Silver Birch. Edited by Anne Dooley. A former Fleet Street journalist, Anne Dooley later became
a reporter at "Psychic News", first "meeting" Silver Birch in 1963. Amongst subjects in this compilation
are the problems of suffering and communication within the spirit world.

Philosophy of Silver Birch. Edited by Stella Storm A former secretary to Maurice Barbanell and then chief reporter
at "Psychic News", Stella Storm covers such issues as natural law, lessons of bereavement, the responsibility
of mediumship and "Healing, the greatest gift of all." Silver Birch also tells what he would say to a television
audience. This popular book is now in its sixth impression.

More Philosophy of Silver Birch. Compiled by Tony Ortzen. In easy to read question-and-answer for, of
especial interest are two chapters which trace man from birth to what lies Beyond. Social problems, reincarnation
 and science are amongst other subjects examined. This title ends with inspiring bite-sized "Points to ponder".

Light from Silver Birch. Compiled by Pam Riva Contains the last ever teachings from Silver Birch after the
sudden passing of his medium Maurice Barbanell on July 17, 1981. Also featured is Maurice Barbanell's obituary,
 which, ever the keen journalist, he prepared in advance. His mission with Silver Birch lasted sixty-one years.
Pam Riva was the medium's secretary at "Psychic News", the paper he founded in 1932.

Silver Birch Companion. Edited by Tony Ortzen Drawing upon "More Teachings of SIlver Birch" and "Wisdom of
Silver Birch", this volume features an account of the night Maurice Barbanell died and the days that followed.
Features the replies the guide gave to a Fleet Street editor.

A Voice in the Wilderness. Edited by Tony Ortzen.

Most of the material in this book came from handpicked cuttings at the archives of "Psychic News", though
it also draws upon the out of print "Home Circle" and "Spirit Guidance". Read the advice the guide gives to a
Member of Parliament, a senior Army chaplain and delegates at an International Spiritualist Federation congress.

The Seed of Truth.
Compiled by Tony Ortzen.
Compiled by Tony Ortzen." src="graphics/sbseedsoftruthsm.gif" align=left border=0
Based upon two earlier out-of-print titles "Silver Birch Speaks" and "More Wisdom of Silver Birch", which were
compiled by the medium's wife, Sylvia. It contains an account of when actress Mary Pickford, "the world's
 sweetheart", met and questioned Silver Birch, Each chapter ends with one of the guide's uplifting prayers.

The Spirit Speaks. Compiled by Tony Ortzen. 142 pages.

An abridged amalgamation not only of "Silver Birch Speaks Again" and "Anthology of Silver Birch" but also important
teachings that originally appeared in "Psychic News". Amongst highlights is a word-for-word report of a meeting
between Silver Birch and film star Merle Oberon, who was devestated when her fiance was killed in a plane crash.

Lift Up Your Hearts. Compiled by Tony Ortzen -  This carefully chosen selection of teachings comprises the guide's wise words over a twenty-year period. Animals,
a spirit view of death, mediumship and karma are just four of the many subjects explained. Features a verbatim
account of when Doris Stokes and Doris Collins, two of Britain's most famous mediums, were addressed by Silver Birch.

The Universe of Silver Birch. By Frank Newman. This book is unique as Frank Newman has examined Silver Birch's
teachings and measured them side by side with the deductions of modern science. This brings important new
insights into Silver Birch's philosophy. The result is an intriguing, thought provoking volume.

Silver Birch Anthology. Edited by William Naylor. Love's supreme power, what happens after we die and
"Who is Silver Birch?" are just three of the topics in this absorbing book. Originally published in 1955, the
 philosophy within this book is still fresh, vital and valuable.

The Silver Birch Book of Questions and Answers.
Compiled by Stan A. Ballard and Roger Green.
Compiled by Stan A. Ballard and Roger Green." This latest Silver Birch
 title is in easy-to-read question-and-answer form extracted from Silver Birch Teachings over the years.

It answers literally hundreds of points, such as "Do we reincarnate on earth?", "What are the spiritual aspects of heart
transplant surgery?" and "Can euthanasia ever be right?"

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